Metalwork at hull of sailing yacht

Converted from the barge to a sailing vessel ... Period 2005 till 2008 ...

The plan is to bring the Stevenaak back to the original length of 22 meters. Previously the ship aft had a gazebo and no living area attached directly to the cargo compartment. To obtain the original contours of the vessel, we chose a gable roof over the entire former cargo hold. Between the pavilion and the construction we create a large open cockpit where beneath the engine room is located. The appearance and quality of the vessel correspond to a Lemsteraak in yacht design. As a Stevenaak has a very clear-cut lithe underwater hull we choose for a relatively low rig. We opted for comfortable driving and sailing characteristics. We are sure she will most definitely sailing very well and quickly.

In August 2005 we start with the dismantling. My father took the complete interior away. It must have been a very special work for him, especially because he had the ship rebuilt from cargo ship to living barge by himself. At the shipyard SRF in Harlingen, the construction is dismantled and the 48 hp MAN diesel engine ends up in the scrap iron, characterized the stern came right out of the water.

Then the ship was towed to the shipyard by Harm Visser not far away from SRF in Harlingen. Here the Stevenaak is taken out the water and we inspected the underwater hull. 25 years the ship had not been out of the water, surprisingly little algae growth and also the state of the underwater hull is fine. Here at Harm Visser the hull is brought back to its original length of 22 meters. We have considered making the boat a little shorter, but according to the survey it like not to be a good idea. The hull shows quite clearly where it has been extended. The result is amazing, what is it a beautiful hull after shortening before us. Harm Visser has delivered real professional work. We can continue to wait for it hardly.

Just in 2007, we bring the ship back to SRF to begin the metalwork. Here not only the beautiful lines are returned by the hull, also built the new deck layout very tastefully. SRF has delivered a very good job.

In 2008, we haul the Stevenaak to our harbor in Sneek and prepare she for sandblasting. After arriving in Uitwellingerga she was yet a time on the premises. Then both the new construction, as well as the underwater hull is blasted by the company Hooghiemstra. The underwater hull is primed smooth and gets the necessary antifouling. The result is perfect, Hooghiemstra has made with great care a beautiful look.

... below a few pictures of the mutation barge to empty hulls to sandblast ...

Berth at SRF in Harlingen start of the conversion My father dismantled the expansion He has the Stevenaak itself converted into living ship Super that he has done this for us It becomes a little bald ... My father has the hull always well maintained, no rust Making plans The ship is quite a bit higher on the water now 26 meters long After 25 years without visiting a shipyard little algae under the ship On the slipway by Harm Visser in Harlingen Shortening begins Well measured and a large piece is removed Everything fits, welding again Original length, what can people earlier built beautiful ships Only the Kimgang to port does not fit exactly 22 meters - perfect success So she lay 1.5 years at Harm Visser in Harlingen Back again at SRF for metalwork First align the gangways Water tank as a cofferdam with large service hatches The first lines of the structure Rough lines of gabled roof-construction are visible The lines stand still nowhere, there is no straight piece in ship The large metal work has been completed, but the stern is still always high on the water The small metal works are quite advanced too Removable sword cleat,  makes it possible to go to France too Mast step Cockpit and rear wall, inspirational here were significantly our Lemsteraken Mast step construction, where later the corridor passes Through the long period of waiting the hull got some rust The pavilion has been restored, now with a modern cockpit The stern post is restored, what a beautiful stern The front stern with chair for the jib boom Metalwork finished moored in our harbor in Sneek Prepared for sandblasting On the way for sandblasting On land in blasting and coating companies Hooghiemstra in Uitwellingerga Blasted and coated Primed where necessary, topcoat and Antifouling Screw shaft and anodes placed before she goes back into the water, its beautiful Back to our harbor in Sneek What is she white ... almost blindingly Waiting for interior work on our ship yard

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