How it all started ...

From the drawing on the back of a cigarette packet to luxury sailing yacht ... more than 130 years of history ...

In 1963 my parents bought the Stevenaak and called the boat "Aaltje", named as my mother. They used the ship as freight and transport ship especially for sand, gravel and building materials. Late sixties my parents with their cargo company. The Stevenaak Aaltje was not sold, my parents hold it and rebuilt it as living barge.

I experienced my childhood and youth on the ship and preserve valuable memories of that time. My father drew from time to time the sail plan of a Stevenaak on the back of old cigar boxes and he often showed me traces of the past in the old hull. This made such an impression on me that I decided, if my parents should ever sell the ship, to buy it and convert it back to a sailing yacht.

It took a long time before my parents moved out and live on land. In the year 2004 in which they moved was for me very unfavorable. Financially, we were in the middle of the renewal of our rental fleet of "Yacht Charter Sneek", so that we really could not afford to buy the Stevenaak "Aaltje". But where there's a will, there's a way. Along with my parents, we have found a way that we were able to buy them anyway. It meant probably that it would be a long-term project. First save up money and then looking for good and inexpensive materials. It took more than 10 years with a lot of patience, from our perspective, it was really worth it.

From " Aaltje" to "Aaltje Engelina"

When my father, the Stevenaak in 1963 bought it was named after my mother. I would like to do the same, but my wife (" Margaret ") did not come to the fore in their modesty. But I wanted to change something with the name, and I knew that my mother wanted her name remained connected to the ship.

In the old ship's papers of my father the boat was called as the first name "Engelina". A change of name brings bad luck, so they say at least. I thought that if I now calling her with the first and the last name, which maybe bring luck!

After shortening the Stevenaak to 22 meters is has to be remeasured. During this action appeared in the old documents from Kadaster the name "Margaret" the first known name of the vessel!! How strange things can go sometimes. After some consideration, we finally decided the ship now to call "Aaltje Engelina".



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