Impression, Address and route planner

Impression, Address and route planner Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA Leeuwarden, The Netherlands.

Address : Stevenaak AALTJE ENGELINA Charter

  De Zwemmer 1, NL - 8939 CA Leeuwarden

Opening hours office:

Monday    8 am till 8 pm
Tuesday    8 am till 8 pm
Wednesday    8 am till 8 pm
Thursday    8 am till 8 pm
Friday    8 am till 8 pm
Saturday   10 am till 5 pm

Owner/Captain : Sytze Kooi

Sytze has a lot of experience in the watersports, in the past he was the owner and captain of a 35 meter sailing charter ship for 12 years. Together with his wife Greta he was the owner of Yachtcharter Sneek for 13 years. Yachtcharter Sneek is a motor boat rental company with almost 30 motor boats.
Besides Yachtcharter Sneek he also had another company called Sailcharter Friesland. Sailcharter Friesland was also a rental company which consists of almost 20 sailing boats. This company is sold in 2017.
Since 2015 he offers together with his wife Greta motor yachts from Leeuwarden for rent.
The AALTJE ENGELINA is one of the projects that Sytze is working on for the past 10 years (please have a look at the documentation) and from 2016 he may share his passion again, as host / skipper, with his guests on this beautiful sailing ship.

Sytze Kooi

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The photos on this website are owned by Stevenaak Charter Aaltje Engelina, CharterSupport, these photos are collected via the owners of the ships and the guests who rented a flat bottom sailing vessel or the Stevenaak for their sailing holidays. Thank you for sending and letting us use these pictures.

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